Cavalier Cavalry Productions

Films - The Final Indignity to the Kodak Corporation.

At the core of this area is the live streams and the machinimas made for the various games we play. The crown jewel is the pairing of the webseries "Notes to Strike a Chord", a machinima and review series for Dungeons and Dragons: Online with the archive of the officially sanctioned live stream "Bard Life".

Next is the livestream archive of the successor to Bad Foundry, Far Beyond the Foundry for Star Trek Online. In this series, we will travel the galaxy and delve into player made missions within the game. Some are going to be great. Some are going to make us miss Bad Foundry. But it's an amazing system that really needs to be celebrated.

Mornings in Middle Earth is the livestream of Lord of the Rings: Online. In it we'll spend (usually) Sunday Mornings trying to get from The Shire to Mordor... all between breakfast and second breakfast.

Finally is RetroCoffee. A little more irregular, but trying to consistently hit Saturday Mornings, we'll play old school games while enjoying a mug of good, hot coffee.