Cavalier Cavalry Productions

Films - The Final Indignity to the Kodak Corporation.

Premiering is MechFlix, Miniature Rules... animated, sorta. We launch this by showing our favorite characters in action as they try to survive the Jihad. This may not be successful, and may cause untold billions of C-bills worth of collateral damage, but isn't that worth it for a laugh or two?

We know we're late to it, but in an effort to work better within the games, we're Stunting Grand Theft Auto games. No mods, few if any cheats, and maybe not the best stunts, but they're honest fun and the games themselves are a hoot to watch. Their videos will be under GameShorts.

In addition, Cavalier Films is attempting to learn the art of Machinima. Not being the best at it, we've pulled the first three clips we've made because the majority of the machinima watching crowd are teenage boys who've just learned the magic of the F-word. But the few people who did offer constructive criticism, we thank you. Infinity will be back, but we're going to do it with a little more patience and an emphasis on cinematic quality.

We need to, because while bad video works in comedy, it's not so hot in a Space Opera. We're *this* far away from filming Star Trek: Discovery, just needing to break down some real times to get the actors and puppeteers together. Until then, the opening sequence is still up.

Finally, there are the videos set to popular music that celebrate friends and family. The songs are chosen specifically for their relationships to the people, places, and events in them. Music means a lot to me, and so do my freinds and family. This is my way of celebrating that.